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Lexington Station Lexington Station
  • Am I allowed to attend a board meeting?
    All owners may attend board meetings and are actually encouraged to do so. The board feels that the property is better managed with more owner involvement. They do ask that you simply notify a board member or the property manager in advance of the meeting if you plan to attend. Board participation is volunteer based, so unexpected changes at work or home can sometimes require last minute changes to board meeting times and locations; notifying a board member or the property manager that you will attend allows them to properly notify you if there is a change to the meeting.
  • How can I get a copy of the Bylaws or the Rules and Regulations?
    Select "Condo Documents" from the navigation bar on the left. From there, you should see the Condominium Declaration, the Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations among many other documents related to the Lexington Station.
  • How do I report a maintenance issue?
    Lexington Station is professionally managed by Tessier Associates. Owners and residents have several options for submitting maintenance requests to Tessier Associates.
    1. Select the "Maintenance Requests" button on the homepage and complete the form.
    2. Select "Maintenance Requests" from the list of pages on the left navigation bar.
    3. Email the property manager, Craig Mariani, directly at cmariani@tessierassociates.com.
    4. Call Tessier Associates at 828-254-9842.
    If your maintenance request is a true after hours emergency, call the Tessier Associates After-Hours Maintenance line at 828-273-0621. After leaving a message, someone will immediately return your call.
  • What if I want to lease my condo?
    Condo owners are permitted to lease their unit; however, there are important guidelines to follow when doing so as dictated by the Condominium Rules & Regulations.
    1. The minimum term of a lease of any Unit in the Condominium is six (6) months in duration.
    2. Owners must send a copy of every Unit lease entered into to the Management Agent before the
    tenant moves into the leased Unit.
    3. The fee for any resident/tenant to move into the Buildings is $100.00 (the “Move-In Fee” which
    is an expense allocated to only the Unit being moved into as a fee for use of the Common
    Elements that benefits solely such Unit and its Owner or tenant), which is an impact fee for the
    purpose of helping to defray the costs of increased wear and tear on the Common Elements. The
    Unit owner is responsible for paying this fee, which is due and payable prior to the resident/tenant
    moving into the Building, and should be made payable to the Lexington Station Condominium
    Association Inc. These funds will be designated for repair and improvement projects.
    4. All new residents of the Building are required to meet with the Management Agent prior to
    moving into the Building.